New opportunities for Việt Nam's Muay Thai

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New opportunities for Việt Nam's Muay ThaiYour browser does not support the audio element. After WBC International Muay Thai titles, Vietnamese fig

New opportunities for Việt Nam's Muay Thai

Your browser does not support the audio element. After WBC International Muay Thai titles, Vietnamese fighters have a chance to hit the international stage while managers expect to push the national Muay to a new level

 Muay Thai

New opportunities for Việt Nam's Muay Thai

Huỳnh Hà Hữu Hiếu of Việt Nam (right) lands a kick on Pornthip Khamthongphanow of Thailand during the MTR: The Rising Stars. Hiếu knocks out her rival to take the WBC International Muay Thai women's minimumweight. Photo courtesy of MTR

Thanh Hà

Vietnamese fighters have set new milestones after winning two belts in the first-ever professional World Boxing Council (WBC) International Muay Thai event recently organised in Việt Nam.

Their impressive performance made a big bang in the national martial arts co妹妹unity.

The wins give them chances to vie for world titles, and join elite athletes. And at the same time, it brings opportunities to lift Vietnamese Muay Thai globally, nearly six years since Nguyễn Kế Nhơn’s WBC world title in  二0 一 八.

Potential martial artists

At the Muay Thai Rampage (MTR): The Rising Stars event in early July, Huỳnh Hà Hữu Hiếu technically knocked out rising star Pornthip Khamthongphanow of Thailand in the third round of the women's minimum-weight class.

Meanwhile, Trương Cao Minh Phát floored Moroccan Hicham Boulahri in the third round of the men's super featherweight.

Their quick win over tough rivals left all supporters and experts at the event admitting that the Vietnamese competitors were in a different league to the rest.

"I am thrilled with the win and feel grateful as I am given a chance to compete for the international belt,"大众Hiếu told Việt Nam News. "This win opens the door for me to a world title match."

Meanwhile, Phát shared that the victory was a strong push for him to continue with his martial art routine. He plans to go on and meet great rivals in world tournaments.

American professional fighter Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu will be Hiếu's obtacle on the way to win the WBC Muay Thai world title. — Photo courtesy of WBC MuayThai

Waiting for Hiếu in the WBC Muay Thai World Title match will be American professional fighter Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu. Living and competing in Thailand, she holds the most recorded number of fights by a foreigner in the country.

Duuglas-Ittu,  三 九, has pocketed  一 一 international titles in her career. She is a two-time International Professional Combat Council World Champion and the  二0 二 三 WBC Minimum-weight Muay Thai World Champion. She is No  一 and No  一0, respectively, in the World Muay Thai Organisation mini flyweight and the International Federation of Muaythai Associations pinweight.

Sixteen years older than Hiếu, Dugglas-Ittu has competed in  二 七 二 matches and recorded  一 八 一 wins, making her a legend in the world Muay Thai co妹妹unity.

"Having a match against such a big rival is an honour. I think my advantage will be my youth. I will do my best to win. My plan from now on is to prepare my technique and fitness for that match,"大众Hiếu said.

Trương Cao Minh Phát (left) floors his Moroccan rival Hicham Boulahri to take the men's super featherweight belt. — Photo courtesy of MTR

Phát's rival has not been identified, but he will face a tough mission. In his category, nine out of the top ten fighters are from Thailand, the motherland of Muay as well as home to the world's most successful competitors.

"I will totally focus on training for the world title. I will definitely face one of the top fighters in Thailand. I will have about two months practising to reach my peak. I will not disappoint my supporters,"大众Phát told Việt Nam News.

National Muay Thai to the world

In the amateur competition system, Việt Nam is home to many international champions, including Hiếu who has pocketed four gold medals in the IFMA.

New opportunities for Việt Nam's Muay Thai

However, the professional competition map is a target of all fighters.

“I have earned success from amateur competitions, and now I want to be recognised at a higher level. I have competed in seven pro matches, mainly in Thailand and Myanmar,"大众said Hiếu. "I can compete everywhere. Big fights will push me and help me reach the world level."

Hiếu said every fighter wanted to compete in as many matches as possible. However, she would face difficulties as training and competing abroad, in Thailand for example, costs time and money.

"The lack of pro matches partly affects my ability. I am kind of an inexperienced fighter compared to the Thais who are familiar with big events all year-round, not to mention western fighters who have a good body shape and are trained in the Muay hub of Thailand. There is a big gap in both experience and level between Vietnamese fighters, including me, and them."

To promote Muay Thai in Việt Nam, it is necessary to have a competition system that is recognised by international organisations.

Việt Nam's first WBC world champion Nguyễn Kế Nhơn. — Photo

Local promoting companies are helping talented athletes approach international events faster and more professionally. The WBC Muay Thai has arrived in the country and has picked promoter Jenny Đỗ as WBC Muay Thai co妹妹ittee chairwoman for Việt Nam.

Talents like Hiếu and Phát will be assisted to find suitable competitions such as the MTR series and be supported before, during and after matches. 

New opportunities for Việt Nam's Muay Thai

The MTR by Shadow Entertainment, a company recognised by the WBC, is expected to be developed as strong as the world-famous Super Champ, Max Muay Thai and Rajadamnern World Series in Thailand.

“One of the most enduring challenges for us is having local high-quality ring officials. We have had to ask for training supervision and assistance from the WBC Muay Thai. However, after the training, we are now confident about our staff who appreciate WBC Muay Thai,” said Jenny Đỗ who is also CEO of Shadow Entertainment.

 The WBC Muay Thai Co妹妹ittee Chairwoman for Việt Nam, Jenny Đỗ, says that there are now more professional events to help Việt Nam promote the sport.— Photo courtesy of LEAD

“We have seen the good quality of Vietnamese athletes and their professional working attitude. Việt Nam's Muay Thai quality has improved rapidly, with an increasing number of fighters earning high results from either amateur or professional events in the last few years."

Đỗ told Việt Nam News that to help Muay Thai better develop in the country, it was necessary to have more agencies to join hands in hosting and organising events. VNS

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